Avishkar Patil

Avishkar Patil

I'm a Collage Student, Studying For JEE, Python Lover, Professional Developer

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Avishkar Patil

I am Avishkar Patil, Student from Kolhapur, India. an I am studing for JEE-IIT , also I have rich experience in Development.

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Collage Life





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Study Performance

Study Performance

I am studying in kolhapur and I am prepraing for IIT and my dream of beacome a topper.

Collage Life

Collage Life

Collage is First Step of life where we in free world and learn new things with knowledge.

Web Development

Web Development

I am a Web Developer and I have completed many projects Till today with my knowledge.

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2021 - Present

Higher Secondary

I am now in collage with group of Science with my exprience.

2019 - Past

Secondary School

I Have completed Secondary School Certificate Examination in March 2020 with 97% Marks

Before 2019

Happy Life

I am learning with happiness as today as well as archiving my Target and Gole.

2021 - Future


I will finlly solved this question and cleared soubt about this question .

2021 - Present


I am now thinking about Yesterday Difficult Question and trying to solve this

2020 - Past


I have a doubt about a one question from the book and it is very difficult

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Rajnandan Patil

Pro Developer and Web Designer

🔥 I am a Pro. Developer From 🇮🇳. I am Upcomming Chate Topper | Sunder Balak ! Follow me on Insta patil_rajnandan_2133


Yash Powar

Professional Hacker and Developer

😋 Hacking is very useful for perform penetration testing to security and It is My Dream Broh !! Follow me on Insta mr_anonymous2305


Swarup Patil

#AntiHacker & Dev. 🤣

😇 I am a Founder of AshvaShakti and AntiHacking I work in Usss, I am Future IIT'n AIR Rank 1 Follow me on Insta Swarup1524

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  • Email :  hello@avipatilweb.me
  • Location :   Kolhapur, IN